How to Zeleye?

Zeleye is an entertainment platform sharing life’s emotional experiences across the globe. Our goal is to create a community with real-life experiences through live video streaming. Our Sports Entertainment platform allows for sports betting streamers, and their fans to connect on anything and everything in today’s and tomorrow’s games, fights, matches, and etc. The Zeleye Platform serves as a personable and tailorable live video network for streamers to in-part their sports betting wisdom, and knowledge onto their fans.  There are two ways to be part of the Zeleye Community:


Subscribe to your favorite sports betting streamers and experience the excitement with them in real-time.  Join in and give them a fist pump after a successful winning wager but be aware, as there may be some tears involve from a last second Hail Mary Pass, turning a win into a loss! Now, if you want to monetize your passion, consider becoming a streamer and visit the “Streamers” Section below.  For now, open your Zeleye Account. See HowtoJoin for the details.


Sometimes the excitement of running the board in picking all of Sunday’s NFL Games or the field of 64 in March Madness isn’t exciting enough for you when there’s just not many people to share it with. Of course, you always have your friends, maybe some officemates, and occasionally your significant other, but they’re probably tired of listening to your bragging. No worries, become a streamer on Zeleye.TV, a streaming platform for everyone to join you in all the fun. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to show your sports betting skills to the rest of the world.  Start steaming now and become a Zeleye Streamer!  And the best part of becoming a streamer is that you can earn an income at the same time.  Visit Zeleye Associates for the details.

How To Join

Visit our Sign-Up page at and open an account. Please take the time to explore and visit our Zeleye Streamers participating in all types of sporting events and subscribe to as many as you want.  The more you subscribe, the more you may possibly improve your game too! Subscription cost is $4.99/month1.

12021 Promotional Criteria that ends December 31, 2021
While we are in our early launch phase of the Zeleye Platform, we are offering a promotional rate on our subscription cost of $3.99/month until 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on January 01, 2022.

How To Stream

Visit our Help page at for instructions on how to use our platform.

How to become a Zeleye Associate

If you want to stream and monetize your sports betting passion while you’re doing it, then we want you to become a Zeleye Associate. We call Zeleye Associates, Zelers, and they are our network of Streamers, who are central to Zeleye’s sports entertainment network.  Because Zeleye values Zelers’ contributions to our live-streaming platform, we are sharing the revenue of the subscription fees with you! As described below, the revenue sharing model is based on the number of Zeleye Members who pay the subscription cost to subscribe to your streaming channel.

Zeleye – Zelers (Streamers) Sharing Revenue Model

How to Become a Zeleye Associate

Becoming a Zeler, a Zeleye Associate, is by invitation only. Earning money as a Zeler is easy and a great way to be rewarded for your engaging content on our platform. Zeleye will consider inviting you to become an Associate if you are able to achieve the below criteria.

Criteria Considerations for Becoming a Zeleye Associate**

Note: **Zeleye reserves the right to modify the criteria for becoming an Associate at any time.**

Important Reminder: You can lose your Zeleye Associate status if you stop streaming and let your account go inactive for a year or violate the Zeleye Terms of Service.  Also, please be aware that you may be liable to pay taxes to your country of residence on any income earned from your monetized videos on the Zeleye Platform. Recommend checking with your country, state and local tax authorities for detailed guidance. 

Payment For Zeleye Associates

An account balance of $100 is the threshold to receive payment. At the end of each calendar month, Zeleye reviews and verifies if an Associate’s account balance is $100 or more. If so, Zeleye will schedule a payment 15 days (Net 15) after the end of that month for the current account balance. For example, revenue earned during the month of October that exceeds the minimum threshold, payment processing will begin on approximately November 15th.

Note: Payout processing time can vary, but on average takes around three to five business days. Be aware that weekends and holidays may cause a delay in receiving your payment. Additionally, Zeleye reserves the right to modify the schedule for processing payments to Zeleye Associates.