How to stream on Zeleye

Welcome to Zeleye! We hope that every streamer has all the right opportunities in streaming! So, first thing we would like for you to download Open Broadcaster Software onto your computer. Here is the link to get the software After that just follow these easy steps.

1. Register or Login

Before you can begin to Zeleye, you must register if you are new user, or login if you are an existing user.

2. Visit My channel

In the top top right corner, click the My Channel link in the drop down menu

3. Click Channel Settings

After you create your channel you will need to scroll down and click on settings and there you will be able edit and find your stream key and RTMP. Copy your Stream key for now!

4. Open OBS Software

Now we will enter the OBS software to setup the stream. In the OBS you will need to click on the bottom settings then go to stream. From there you will need to plug in your URL and Steamer key.

5. Go Live

Next just hit the GO LIVE button and you are ready to go!
*Be sure to have a steady, high-speed internet connection